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The Top 5 Breakfast Spots in Jackson Hole

So you have woken up in you Jackson Hole hotel, but don’t know where to head for breakfast? Hopefully this list can help steer you in the right direction and get you fed so that you can hit the slopes as early as possible and have a great day skiing. The places on this list come highly recommended and are varied, meaning you can try a different kind of breakfast from this list every day.

Bubba’s Bar-B-Que

If you want biscuits and gravy, then come here. These are among some of the best around and will certainly satisfy even the most critical fan of this breakfast. If you are looking for something else a bit different, such as omelettes, French toast or even waffles, then these are also on offer and are another great way to start your day. For breakfast, this place’s location is another reason it comes highly recommended, alongside its broad menu, you cannot go wrong with this place for your breakfast as you leave you Jackson Hole hotel.

The Bunnery

This place offers pastries as standard, and what is offered means you will have you placing a large order. You can either sit-in or take-away if you are looking to get up the mountain early. Being located downtown, this place is situated in a prime location for you to get there from your Jackson Hole hotel if you staying in the town. With highly recommended muffins, granola, cake and more, this place is a favourite for both tourists and locals.

Pearly Street Bagels

Variety is the key here, with some of the strangest bagel flavours on offer. However, they are all delicious and will set you up for the day perfectly. This is not an option for fine dining in Jackson Hole however, with this place only offering take-out. Also, they do not have a toaster (unbelievably) so all the bagels can’t be toasted unless you bring your own. This place also serves up the strongest coffee in town, if you need a cup or four to get you up and ready in the morning.


This place offers both breakfast and lunch in a modern café setting. The breads are fresh and the menu extensive, so whatever it is you are looking for, then this place will more than likely offer it. This is the spot to head for if you want to sit down and take an enjoyably lengthy breakfast, rather than rush up the mountain.

Nora’s Fish Creek Inn

This place is located in Wilson, so you will need a car to get here. However, it comes top of the list for food quality; the only downside of this place is the location. It has featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, giving it the recognition it thoroughly deserves. The huevos rancheros and pancakes are recommended, but really anything you choose will be incredible from the place that serves the best breakfast around.

So there you have it, five breakfast options to get out of bed for. All of the places above will serve you great food that will set you up perfectly for a day of activities, and are all great choices outside of your Jackson Hole hotel.

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