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Top 5 Snacks for Skiing

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As in the case of any exhausting physical activity such as skiing, it is very important to pay attention to what you eat before you spend the day skiing in the Whistler Premier area, for skiers are subject to a number of risks, such as extreme cold, physical exhaustion and nausea.

In addition to skill and concentration, eating the right foods before practicing this sport is one of the most important elements in fitness.

When you are around the Whistler Blackcomb you will have a complete set of options to eat and also to have as snacks. Make sure you include rich products such as the top 5 we mentioned below in order to have the best ski experience in your life. Are you ready to make the best out of your stay? read more here!

The top 5 snacks!

1. Drink plenty of water

Dehydration can lead to poor adaptation to altitude, dizziness and nausea. Even though water is not a snack itself it should be part of your routine and whenever you are having snacks make sure you include at least a cup of water.

Even though you will be skiing in the Whistler Premier which is a cold region, your body will still need water, since you will burn calories and all.

2. Eat Foods rich in fiber

Eat a healthy portion of carbohydrate rich in fiber. The excess of carbohydrate or fault causes loss of power, while maintaining the correct amount of sugar to flow without increasing blood insulin levels. Remember that, as will be in the mountains for a long time, you should have the right amount of power so consider it as a primary concern. Furthermore, the carbohydrates are important when it comes to high altitudes because their metabolism requires less oxygen than the fats and proteins.

3. Eat a lot of protein

Eat a lot of protein, but not immediately before skiing. Proteins are important in meals that are made before skiing because the immune cells depend on them to function better. Since the human body is not capable of storing proteins or synthesizing all necessary amino acids, the protein-rich meals are essential before endurance activities such as skiing. Lean red meat, fish and chicken are the best sources and, for vegetarians, soy, beans, eggs and nuts. The best time to eat protein is between the ski sections, during breaks. Make sure you ask for a skiers menu when in Whistler accommodations. They have plenty of options available and for a very convenient price.

Michael skiing

4. Moderate your fatty foods

Consume moderate amounts of fat. Despite the bad reputation, they are an essential source of energy for the body, so it is just a matter of not eat them in excess. The best sources of them are unsaturated vegetable derivatives such as peanut oil, canola oil and olive more from

5. Mix with fruit and vegetables

Mix the meal some fruit or vegetables, which provide you a good amount of vitamins and minerals, and provide healthy carbohydrates. The best policy is to get carbohydrates from a combination of fruits, vegetables, cereals and breads. Once again Whistler Blackcomb hotels will have all you need ready for you!

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